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Highway Acceleroid Booster is a GZDoom gameplay mod where you play as a robot girl that's part car and part super fighting robot. Armed primarily with mobility, a series of battle chips for extra combat data, and a variety of utensils installed into her gauntlets, she zips from place to place to gather additional combat data. And to help out wherever she's needed, admittedly. Helping feels nice.

Inspired by Mega Man X, gameplay feel is a little bit more cartoony and high-tech than usual, with some pretty outlandish weapons doing some silly functions.. Designed to act as a complement for sci-fi/space-age mapsets, the gameplay mod acts as a direct contrast with High Noon Drifter. Rather than being very simple and low-tech, this mod is a little bit more complicated and hi-tech.
If you've been looking for a mod where you can play as a robot, android, gynoid, or you've been looking for something to compliment Stardate 20X7, this might be up your alley.

Note 1: Keep in mind that because of all the mobility options, it's extremely easy to sequence break even by accident! It's encouraged not to try this mod on a mapset you haven't already played, unless you're brave. If you get stuck, just hit Use Inventory.
Note 2: This mod was designed with GZDoom 3.4.1 in mind. Super-extended resolutions brought about by any further versions are probably going to make things look funny.
Note 3: Make sure your Sprint is bound! Same with Reload and/or Zoom. Grab walls by hitting Use in mid-air.

- All sorts of mobility tricks and abilities I could fit in! Double-jumping, dashing, wall-grabbing, wall-jumping, speed boosting, mantling, rocketjumping, mid-air rocketjumping, and more...
- A crazy amount of work for ensuring compatibility with situations found in Boom/Vanilla and most ZDoom mapsets! Well, ones that don't replace players/weapons, at least.
- Support for both rocketjumping maps with extreme mobility, platforming maps that require precise movement, and normal run-and-gun maps you'd find with normal Doom shenanigans!
- 9 new weapons, each with a separate primary fire and alt-fire each for 18 different attacks! Technically there's a couple more weapons but phhbbttt
- Simple SNES-style aesthetic! Simple particle effects that won't clog your computer! Bit-crushed sounds that emphasize the crunch! 0% adherence to actual SNES authenticity!
- Cvars out the ass! It just wouldn't be a TerminusEst13 mod without a pants-shittingly overwhelming amount of options.
- A whole bunch of new and original graphics!

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Hey Terminus, have you considered designing your own TC wads to match your characters? It'd be really nice to have one for Booster in particular, since she has such a dynamic moveset that you don't really get to fully explore with most other WADs, and regular Doom enemies don't quite push the limits of her abilities.


I would very much like to, I'd like to graduate from just making mods and turn things into full games.


Fuck yeah! I haven't seen your level design, but just looking at what you've been doing with HND and HAB it's obvious you have an eye for the stuff. Whenever you get around to it, I'd be pleased to see it.

Super cool mod with very creative arsenal! I cannot believe I would have missed it had it not been for itch.io's recommendations.

Thank you for playing!

The only issue I have noticed so far is that I get the following error messages upon launch: "AimingCamera 1: Can't find TID 0" "AimingCamera 10: Can't find TID 0" Thankfully, they do not seem to impact the gameplay.

Out of curiosity, is there a way to disable the main menu music? I have made a special music addon made of Mega Man X midi tracks just for this mod, but I have been unable to override the main menu theme; erasing the ogg file will only give me dead silence and the game will not play my custom D_INTRO!

Finally, have you considered making the mod compatible with Heretic? I reckon it would be fun to fight through those levels with HAB's arsenal.

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Oh yeah, and just experienced my first crash with your mod: I was playing Dark Tartarus (thanks for the recommendation, by the way!) and after tasing a Lost Soul, I started slashing at it with the Saber and then, the game crashed. I got the following error message in the console:

VM execution aborted: tried to read from address zero.

Called from Actor.CountInv at gzdoom.pk3:zscript/actors/inventory_util.zs

Called from SaberTaser.StateFunction.2 at HighwayAcceleroidBooster.pk3:zactors/weapons/wep0-sword.zsc, line 849

Called from state SaberTaser.2 in SaberTaser

I am playing your mod with GZDoom 4.4.2 and ContraDoom_MonstersOnly.pk3.

That's partially because of an issue with the Saber not sanitizing tracer inputs. It's something that I need to fix, but I haven't had opportunity to for one reason or another.


They are listed in the video description:

Obstacle Course - Map04
Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch - GutsDozer
Jumpmaze - map13
RocketJump Xtreme - map06
Jenesis - Map12
Biowar - Map03
Dark Tartarus - Map10
Dark Tartarus - Map20
Lunatic - Map01 (with Rampancy.pk3)
Alienated - Map03
Dark Tartarus - Map13
Equinox - Map09

The link to the jumpmaze thing?