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Kid 4 $29.99 (shortened to K42) is a small game made in GZDoom for the 2020 7 Day FPS jam.

On an external level, Kid 4 $29.99 is a vaporwave/synthwave-style run-and-gun shooter where you play as a young boy taking shelter in a mall. But inside the mall, things turn in a slightly different direction...

On an internal level, K42 is designed as one part a playable game, one part a personal test to see if my artistic abilities have advanced enough to develop something (they have!), one part a metaphorical foray into personal matters, one part me wanting to make a shooty whiz-bang ka-pow run-and-gun fun-in-the-sun video game,and one part a mixing bowl to toss in a lot of half-baked ideas I've had over the years.

It's an experimental little game. But I had fun developing it. I hope you have fun playing it.

- A whole two levels, both of them wildly different in gameplay from each other!
- Two weapons, technically three if you count a unique alt-fire as a separate weapon!
- No infinite-ammo fallback weapon! Make every shot count, bucko.
- Original and custom art for everything!
- Extensive work put into sound effects!
- And also a whole bunch of BFXR to make the aforementioned customized sound effects look cheap!
- Pixels! A lot of them!

Kid 4 $29.99 is a completely standalone project, but currently requires a copy of Doom2.wad to run. The implementation is a little bit finnicky due to deadline stuff, and will be refined to be standalone for later releases.

- Download GZDoom at https://zdoom.org/downloads
- Acquire Doom or get a copy of Freedoom 2 at https://freedoom.github.io/
- Extract the GZDoom files, Doom2.wad and Kid-4-$29.99.ipk3 in the same folder
- Open up GZDoom, select Kid-4-$29.99.ipk3 if prompted, and play!
- Configure options as needed! Alt-Fire and Use are required.

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GenreAction, Shooter
TagsDoom, gzdoom, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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Fun little experimental GZDoom game although I will say that I nearly bit the dust a few times on first try from those annoying flying enemies because I keep running out of ammo like a goof and spam alt fire while running silly -_-; 

I have encountered a bug, regarding overall movement when playing in Delta Touch: In the prologue, you can move just fine. But the moment you get sucked into the TV, movement is slowed to an absolute crawl, making it excessively-tough to avoid incoming attacks.

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Unfortunately, on a seven-day timespan I wasn't able to try out DTouch or joystick support. Thank you for letting me know, I'll be doing this for the expanded version of the game.

Have you tried turning off auto-run?