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As far removed from running and gunning and shooting demons as you can get. An experience you can get anywhere else, a mod like you have played before, approved by at least two out of fifteen users.

Works on Zandronum and ZDoom and GZDoom.
Pretty self-explanatory, really. Put the ball in the hole. If you have any questions, please refer to How To Play or hit F1.


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hellshots_golf-v1.1.pk3 27 MB

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Very fun and relaxing. 

this mod is pretty damn cool. Can't get the spraypaint to work though


nevermind I fixed it, for some reason my decal limit was set to 0 before I downloaded this



Boys, beer and golf. What can be better?


Have you considered making the ball a cacodemon?


A pipe dream idea I'd like to do in the future (don't take this as a guarantee) is being able to customize how a ball appears, swapping between different skins for it.

Quick question. Why is there a cyberdemon on flatlands?

Purely for the sake of giving players something to fight if they somehow manage to get up there.


LOL basically punishment for nocliping cause I tried every which way to hit the ball over the mountains to hit the cyber demon but the sky kept getting in the way lol.