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Remnants of Calandria  is a short one-hour-long RPG Maker MV game submission to the 2022 Indie Game Maker Contest: Rebirth. It is a short top-down action-exploration game with a real-time battle system, about prowling through the remains of a destroyed land and the small civilization that's managed to recover from it.

You play as Hiro, a mute guard-in-training for the town. Hiro doesn't socialize well, and in turn most people don't have a high opinion of Hiro, preferring to more colorful addresses like "creep", "weirdo", "kid", and more.
However, one friend has stood alongside for many years--Saki. Saki is the opposite of Hiro, outgoing and talkative, curious and investigative, and both of them have grown up alongside each other.

Saki wants to go out to investigate the world that's forbidden to both of them. Will you accompany her?


- Puzzles
- A real-time combat system
- Five endings
- 99% entirely handmade graphics (except for one background image, which was slapped horribly through a filter due to time constraints. It's really obvious what it is)
- Extensive sound customization and tweaking
- Action
- Adventure
- Stabbing things
- Yeah...
- I'm going to get coffee.


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Calandria - Post-IGMC Hotfix Build 91 MB

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Heya Termy! You were at the stream, but leaving this for posterity and all:

  • + Pixel art is adorable.
  • + Music is great.
  • + Dungeon design, once the "tutorial" is over, is cool, bugs aside.
  • + Presentation overall is very cute and fits the style it’s going for.
  • + The light puzzle is too mean XD Every other puzzle mechanic was fine.
  • - Found multiple bugs that weren't pleasant.
  • - The text needs work in polish and formatting
  • - I felt like the "vibes" are all at the start, it would maybe be good to spread out the npcs you can interact with a bit more.
  • - No "reason" to explore hurts it a tiny bit, especially outside the dungeon.
  • - Bad spread of food vs knives in pots (gimme chikin dangit).

I beat the game once, got the Accord ending, but the game was too rough for me to want to get more as it is now.

It definitely needs polish and fixing, but considering the tight timeframe and bad mojo you had during the deadline, it's a great effort, especially on resources of graphics and music, which I think you mentioned were custom? Great job.

A month late and I already thanked you beforehand on the IGMC page, but thank you again for the feedback. This input is going to be quite helpful for fixing things up.

This looks fantastic. Once I have some spare time (this week has been hectic for me), I'll definitely try this one out.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.